Craft Spirits

The Lowdown

Have you ever wanted to build out an epic home bar but not known how to go about it? Or were worried that once you got the bar set up, you didn’t know how to use it?
The Solution: The Epicurean Trader’s Craft Spirits Club.

Through the Craft Spirits Club, you will receive all the spirits, bitters and tools needed to create an awesome home bar. Plus, with the expert curation and cocktail receipes developed by our in-house team of experienced bartenders, you will learn how to use it like a pro!

This course is perfect for anyone interested in mixology, but doesn’t know where to start! We can help anyone build out their home bar and learn how to use it confidently!
With a primary focus on Classic Cocktails for any occasion, this course will also show members the art of the perfect cocktail so they can confidently make twists for unlimited options!

Every month for one year (12 cycles). The program builds month-to-month, so all members start at Month 1 and progress through the program until graduation.

$60 per cycle, includes spirits, bitters and educational tools.

One-Time Optional Addition:
$150 for all the bar tools required for the course, includes a cocktail shaker, crystal mixing glass, jigger, muddler, strainer, barspoon, mesh cone strainer, citrus juicer, and channel knife.

10% OFF our ENTIRE CRAFT SPIRITS selection, every time you shop with us.

YES! If you would like to give it as a gift, simply select ‘Yes’ under the ‘Is This A Gift’ box on the enrollment form. You must gift the entire course.

Craft Spirits Club Signup

You will be charged for the first month upon sign up. Future cycles will be charged at the time of release.

Shipping Information


By signing up for The Epicurean Trader Craft Spirits Club you agree to the following: I certify that I am 21 years of age or older. I accept that it is my responsibility to notify The Epicurean Trader of any changes of address, telephone, email, or credit card information at least two weeks prior to the scheduled payment date. Should a credit card be declined for two consecutive shipments, my membership will be cancelled. I agree to pick up my items at the designated store as soon as is reasonably possible. I understand that I may cancel membership by email or in writing at any time provided four weeks notice is provided. I authorize The Epicurean Trader to charge my credit card for payment of The Epicurean Trader Craft Spirits Clubs products.