Craft Spirits

Ray-ban Redesign Concept

Have you ever wanted to build out an epic home bar but not known how to go about it? Or were worried that once you got the bar set up, you didn’t know how to use it? The Solution: The Epicurean Trader’s Craft Spirits Club.

Through the Craft Spirits Club, you will receive all the spirits, bitters and tools needed to create an awesome home bar. Plus, with the expert curation and cocktail receipes developed by our in-house team of experienced bartenders, you will learn how to use it like a pro!

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Every month, we will seek to bring in new and amazing value wines for our members to enjoy.
Each member can elect to receive either 2 x bottles for $40, or 4 bottles for $80 per month.

Option A: 2 x bottles RED for $40
Option B: 2 x bottles RED for $40
Option C: 2 x bottles (1 RED & 1 WHITE) for $40
Option D: 4 x bottles (2 RED & 2 WHITE) for $80

* 10% OFF our ENTIRE CRAFT WINE selection, every time you shop with us.

Membership may be cancelled – or postponed – at any time, however, four weeks written notice is required.




10% discount on our ENTIRE wine selection, every time you shop with us.


2 x bottles for $40, or 4 x bottles for $80.