The Lowdown

Our Whiskey Club has been featured in many publications like Saveur Magazine, the San Francisco Chronicle and more! Through the scale or our whiskey club membership base, we are able to bring in whiskies from small-scale producers that otherwise wouldn’t be possible.  High freight costs, time, and legal restrictions make it difficult for stores like us to connect directly with small producers.  However, with enough buying power behind you, things become much easier.

We will only bring in a whiskey that is awesome. If we can’t find one that we are happy with, we will wait until we find one.

Every six weeks we will seek to bring in a new and amazing craft whiskey for our members to enjoy. Each member will receive one bottle.

The price will be approximately $60 per month, however, it will fluctuate based on the actual spirit brought in. Some months may be lower and some may be higher, however, it will likely average $60 across the year.

10% OFF our ENTIRE CRAFT SPIRITS selection, the widest in the Bay Area.
With our prices already the most competitive in the city, a further 10% makes them unbeatable!
Member’s will receive priority access to Unicorn whiskies (e.g. Pappy Van Winkle), as well as other Special Releases we acquire throughout the year.

YES! If you would like to give it as a gift, simply select ‘Yes’ under the ‘Is This A Gift’ box on the enrollment form. You can gift as many or few releases as you would like.

Whiskey Club Signup

You will be charged for the first month upon sign up. Future cycles will be charged at the time of release.

Shipping Information


By signing up for The Epicurean Trader Whiskey Club you agree to the following: I certify that I am 21 years of age or older. I accept that it is my responsibility to notify The Epicurean Trader of any changes of address, telephone, email, or credit card information at least two weeks prior to the scheduled payment date. Should a credit card be declined for two consecutive shipments, my membership will be cancelled. I agree to pick up my items at the designated store as soon as is reasonably possible. I understand that I may cancel membership by email or in writing at any time provided four weeks notice is provided. I authorize The Epicurean Trader to charge my credit card for payment of The Epicurean Trader Whiskey Clubs products.