Subtle Spirits - 'Quixotic' Straight Rye Whiskey (750ML)


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This release is from a small San Francisco independent bottler with the vision of melding exceptional spirits with unique commissioned artwork. Founder, Josh, honed his palate selecting casks for high-end spirits stores.

This blended small batch rye is from the great distillery in Lawrenceburg. He started with four barrels of 95%/5% rye. One barrel was moved into freshly dumped Pinot Noir barrel from Moshin Vineyards (Francois Freres light toast barrel). He then used the fourth barrel to top up all three casks and allowed them 3 months to mature further. They were dumped into tank and allowed to marry for another 3 months before being proofed to 101. The resulting whisky is a thoughtful expression of how subtle wine (and wood) influence can be used to enhance and frame the already powerful flavors of the classic MGP rye.

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