September 9


05:30 pm - 07:30 pm

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The Epicurean Trader


The Epicurean Trader - Small Batch Artisan Goods

401 Cortland Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94110

San Francisco, CA, US, 94110

Drop by San Francisco Magazine’s ‘Best Spirits Store in the Bay Area’, The Epicurean Trader, for an opportunity to meet the Master Distiller at The Craft Spirits Guild!

Miller will be pouring samples of his latest craft spirit the Astral Pacific Gin – a California-inspired gin made from a base spirits of distilled clementines!

There will be an opportunity to meet and engage with the Master Distiller, learn more about how gin is made, and – of course – sample his delicious gin.

The Spirits Guild

The Spirit Guild is a collection of artists, weirdos, and dreamers dedicated to celebrating the fruits and flavors of California through the traditional art of distillation. Their tasting room and distillery are situated in Los Angeles’ Arts District on a site where once thrived the state’s first commercial vineyards and orange groves, just blocks from the scenic Los Angeles River.

The Spirit Guild Manifesto dictates that every aspect of production – fermentation, distillation, blending – be done in house, by Guild members. No part of the process is outsourced.

Astral Pacific Gin

All gins start with a base spirit. Typically, it is grain-based and industrially manufactured to be as flavorless as possible. Astral Pacific Gin’s base spirit is made from clementines, and is purpose distilled to subtly retain some of the character of its source fruit. With a silky texture and a slight lingering sweetness, its proprietary distillate allows our head distiller to compose a gin with structure, a longer finish, and greater definition of component flavors. It is a gin in the classic style, while welcoming some novel flavors to the mix. Pink peppercorn (native to Southern California) and pistachio compliment quintessential gin botanicals such as juniper, coriander, cinnamon, and angelica. To achieve a warmth and balance, two varieties of juniper are used: both juniperus communis and its earthier, local cousin, juniperus californica. The nose is balsalmy, full, and juniper-forward. Spicy notes of pink peppercorn carry across the tongue, yielding to a bright citrus finish.

BOTANICALS: Juniper, coriander, angelica, cinnamon, grapefruit peel, clementine peel, orange tree leaves, pink peppercorn, pistachio, sage, orris root.

RECOMMENDED APPLICATIONS: With its full mouthfeel and long finish, Astral Pacific is atypical in that it can be enjoyed on its own as a sipping gin. It is elegant and balanced in a Perfect Gin Martini, and makes a lovely G&T, garnished with an orange slice. It’s citrus base shimmers in a Vesper, yet gracefully holds its own in a Negroni.

.The Epicurean Trader

The Epicurean Trader was recently named ‘Best Spirits Store in the Bay Area’ by San Francisco Magazine; is one of the top-rated specialty food stores in San Francisco; and was also named ‘Best Neighborhood Market in San Francisco’.

We are dedicated entirely to craft products: craft spirits; organic and sustainable wines; farmstead cheeses and charcuterie; small batch chocolates, coffees, teas and pantry items.

We hand select artisan products from across America for their dedication to the craft, their incredible flavors and fusions, natural ingredients and beautiful packaging. 

Our goal is to be a brand ambassador for these smaller brands, sharing their unique stories, and bringing many of them to San Francisco for the first time.

If you are interested in more tasting events – craft spirits, wines, beers and other pantry items – please like us on Facebook for all the latest events!

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