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Have you ever wanted to know the difference between Nigori, Junmai, Ginjo/Daiginjo, and Kimoto/Yamahai Saké?

Well, now is a great opportunity to learn.  Drop by SF’s best specialty food and craft spirits store, The Epicurean Trader, for an opportunity to taste and learn all about Saké.

We have been working closely with one of the most regarded Saké importers (Vine Connections) as well as Ry Beville, Editor of Saké Today, to develop a highly curated selection of Saké for our store.

We will be pouring four Saké‘s of differing styles:

Kanbara – Bride Of The Fox Junmai Sake

This sake is named for the famous fox-bride festival held annually in Niigata to celebrate a local legend about mysterious lights that have appeared on nearby Mt. Kirin. Brewed with locally-grown Gohyakumangoku rice.

Enjoy intense aromas of grilled nuts, pistachio, and a hint of white chocolate Flavors of nuts and ripe honeydew explode at the front and finishes crisp with a hint of lingering sweetness.

Rihaku – Dreamy Clouds

This Nigori is quite special because its milling rate of 41% technically qualifies it as Junmai Ginjo grade sake- a rare quality level for a nigori (cloudy) sake.

The nose is led by steamed rice, fresh red plums, and suggestions of roasted peanuts. Bright and lean in the mouth, unlike many Nigori, and the impact is chewy with sweet rice flavors intermingling with the nutty and slightly fruity characteristics of the sake.

Yuho – Rhythm Of The Centuries Junmai Sake

Mioya Shuzo was established in 1897, and is one of few sake breweries with a female president, Miho Fujita. Mioya is located in Ishikawa – well known for hot springs, pristine seafood, and most of all, sake. Toji Toshio Yokomichi places great importance on his relationship with the farmers who grow his sake rice to make sure it is grown properly and that agricultural chemicals are avoided in the process. The name Yuho has a double meaning; Yuho means “Happy Rice,” but also refers to their city’s supposed numerous UFO sightings.

A character-laden umami drives the nutty and citrus-tinged flavors with plenty of complexity and a push of acidity at the end that focuses on the clean finish. A great sake to try warmed as well as slightly chilled. Pair with roasted sweet peppers and carrots with blood orange and hazelnut vinaigrette. Toji Toshio Yokomichi uses the rhythmic pole-ramming technique called Yama-oroshi to mix the yeast starter for this Kimoto sake. It gives the sake more complex, pronounced flavors. This is a specialty of Yokomichi-san, who knows how to maximize the method. It is aged for approximately four years, which rounds out the edges of the sake’s flavor and creates overall smoothness. This traditional method has been used at Mioya brewery for over a century.

Fukucho Hiroshima Moon On The Water Junmai Ginjo Sake

Miho Imada, Fukucho owner and toji (master brewer), is one of the few female tojis in Japan. This sake is made with the famous soft water of Hiroshima prefecture which gives it deep, persistent flavor.

The fruity nose of lime and melon is pressed to the forefront with bold hints of fennel, white pepper and allspice. The flavors gravitate to ripe cantaloupe and black licorice while the minerality from the soft water is evident in the finish. The slightly sweet and clean mid-palate finishes dry.


The Epicurean Trader is dedicated entirely to craft products: craft spirits; organic and sustainable wines; farmstead cheeses and charcuterie; small batch chocolates, coffees, teas and pantry items.

We hand select artisan products from across America for their dedication to the craft, their incredible flavors and fusions, natural ingredients and beautiful packaging. 

Our goal is to be a brand ambassador for these smaller brands, sharing their unique stories, and bringing many of them to San Francisco for the first time.

If you are interested in more tasting events – craft spirits, wines, beers and other pantry items – please like us on Facebook for all the latest events!

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