Deerhammer Distilling Co - American Single Malt (750ML)


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Every adventure has a beginning, and ours was Single Malt Whiskey. With bourbon dominating the American craft spirit market, we were inspired us to test new waters with Deerhammer’s cornerstone spirit.

Beginning its life as porter-style 100% malted barley whiskey, our Single Malt is shaped by open-air fermentation and double distillation through direct-fire copper pot stills. Then, stored in charred virgin white oak casks, it slumbers at the base of Colorado’s tallest mountains in the beautiful adventure town of Buena Vista. This high alpine climate maximizes the flavor potential of our mash, due to dramatic temperature shifts that can range from 40-80° in a single day.

The result is a distinctly American taste of place: aged no less than two years and bottled at 92 proof with notes of sweet coffee, cacao, caramel and spices.  In the spirit of the settlers who first ventured west, we invite you to take your first sip with an explorer’s state of mind.

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