Tartine Bakery - Buttermilk Loaf (15 Slices | 2.2LBS)

Tartine Bakery - Buttermilk Loaf (15 Slices | 2.2LBS)

Buttermilk Loaf AKA “Kids bread” is inspired by childhood memories of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on soft sliced bread eaten on beach picnics and lovingly tucked into lunch bags.

Grocery store sliced bread is made with artificial colorings, flavorings, preservatives, additives, and vital wheat gluten to achieve a pillowy texture and long shelf-life. The wheat that it is made with is stripped of nutrients and minerals and is almost always grown and harvested with the use of harmful chemical pesticides and herbicides. Tartine wanted to make a bread that had those same characteristics but used whole, responsibly sourced and milled grains. They used natural levain and scalded einkorn wheat to achieve that nostalgic texture and flavor. The sweetness comes from the natural sweetness of the whole grain and from a little added honey.

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