Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. - 'Barrel Proof' Bourbon (750ML)


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Hailing from the Buffalo Trace Distillery in Frankfort, Kentucky, this timeless masterpiece was crafted from hand-picked barrels. A concoction inspired by pre-Prohibition Whiskey-making methods, this one is uncompromised, at an uncut proof. It was aged in over a century old warehouse, the dram is bold, full of spice, and packed with vanilla, dried oak, and pepper. The finish lingers for ages with a hint of tobacco. A Bourbon with an attitude only the most experienced drinkers are able to fully appreciate.

Crafted from hand-selected barrels, this bourbon is bottled directly from the barrel; uncut and unfiltered. It reflects the way whiskey was produced in the days before Prohibition, when Edmund Haynes Taylor, Jr. was the owner of Buffalo Trace Distillery. Drawn from barrels aged in warehouses constructed over a century ago under Taylor's watchful eye, the taste is smooth, yet powerful and uncompromising, just like its namesake.

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