Pinhook - '2021 Collaboration Series #1: Andre Hueston Mack' 10yr Straight Bourbon (750ML)


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Pinhook takes a winemaker’s approach to whiskey, inspired by Co-founder and Master Blender Sean Joseph’s time as a sommelier. André Hueston Mack is the founder and award-winning winemaker of Maison Noir Wines and was the first African-American to be named Best Young Sommelier in America by Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. Sean and André met while working at the lauded New York restaurant Per Se and have been friends ever since. Their collaboration on two five-barrel batches, blended from the ten Wyoming Whiskey barrels Pinhook purchased in 2012, is a tribute to André’s superlative palate, his long-standing friendship with Sean, and the inspiration Pinhook draws from the world of wine.

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