Whiskey Club Membership


This product is currently sold out.

Memberships are limited, but we do currently have open spaces.  Also, memberships are available as a gift.

The Epicurean Trader, frequently named 'Best Spirits Store' in the San Francisco Bay Area, has one of the best-curated selections of craft spirits in America.  This is an exciting opportunity to join one of the country's top Whisk(e)y Clubs and get access to incredible whiskies that may not be readily available to the public!  Several of the whiskies have been custom whiskies made by local distilleries just for this club in the past.

The spirit of the club (no pun intended!) is that it is accessible to both whiskey novices and expert whiskey enthusiasts.  With an open mind, you will experience whiskies worldwide, hoping that you will discover a new favorite style or distillery.

The next release will be March 2022.  If you are joining now and are interested in receiving the last cycle's releases immediately, please email us after you register to confirm availability.

The Details:

- Quarterly Releases (every three months)
- Bottles can be shipped nationwide; shipping is included in the membership fee
- Each release is 2-3 bottles, depending on the cost of each bottle
- The bottles are hand-selected by The Epicurean Trader's spirits buyer and reflect the overall philosophy on their in-store selection: small-batch, high quality, and unique!
- Whiskies may be from anywhere (such as American, Japan, Ireland, even Australia!) and may be made from any grain (Corn, Wheat, Rye, Malted Barley, or a blend of grains)
- Cancel anytime; however, once the release is shipped, there is no cancellation if you do not like the selections

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