Discovering Campari: A Classic Artisan Spirit

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Discovering Campari: A Classic Artisan Spirit - The Epicurean Trader


Welcome to the world of Campari, a cornerstone of the craft spirits culture and a favorite among connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike. At The Epicurean Trader, we pride ourselves on bringing you the finest artisan products, and Campari is a perfect example of the craftsmanship and tradition we celebrate.

What is Campari?

Campari is an iconic Italian aperitif with a rich history dating back to the 1860s. Created by Gaspare Campari in Milan, this deep red spirit is renowned for its distinctive bitter flavor, which comes from a blend of herbs, aromatic plants, and fruit. It is both an essential cocktail ingredient and a fascinating standalone drink, known for its ability to awaken the palate.

The Art of Making Campari

The exact recipe of Campari has been kept secret for over a century, adding to its allure. What is known, however, is that it involves steeping ingredients in alcohol and water; a process that has remained unchanged since its inception. This traditional method ensures that every bottle of Campari holds the artisanal quality that craft spirit enthusiasts cherish.

Tasting Notes: What Does Campari Taste Like?

Campari is characterized by its bitter and complex flavor profile, with subtle hints of cherry, clove, cinnamon, and orange peel. Its versatility makes it a staple in any spirits collection, perfect for experimenting with new cocktails or enjoying in classic mixes.

How to Enjoy Campari

Campari is perhaps most famous for its role in the Negroni and the Campari Spritz, two cocktails that have taken the world by storm. Whether you're mixing a robust Negroni or a refreshing Spritz, Campari adds a layer of complexity that enhances the overall flavor of the drink. Pair it with our selection of farmstead cheeses and charcuterie for a truly exquisite taste experience.

Campari’s Role in Craft Spirits Culture

As the craft cocktail movement continues to flourish, Campari remains at the forefront, celebrated for its history and embraced for its modern-day versatility. It's a testament to the lasting appeal of well-made spirits and the importance of maintaining traditional production techniques.

Supporting Small-Batch Producers

At The Epicurean Trader, our mission is to support small-batch producers who create their goods with genuine craftsmanship. By choosing Campari, you're not only enjoying a high-quality spirit, but also supporting the traditions and skills of its makers.


Discover the unique flavors of Campari at The Epicurean Trader, and explore our extensive collection of artisan spirits. Whether you're a seasoned cocktail enthusiast or new to the world of craft spirits, Campari offers a taste of the artistry that defines our selection. Explore our collection of Campari here!

Campari Group - 'Campari' Aperitivo (750ML)

Campari Group - 'Campari' Aperitivo (375ML)

Campari Group - 'Campari Negroni' Cocktail (375ML)


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