Title: Discovering the Rich Heritage of Heaven Hill Bourbon at The Epicurean Trader

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Title: Discovering the Rich Heritage of Heaven Hill Bourbon at The Epicurean Trader - The Epicurean Trader


Welcome to The Epicurean Trader, where our passion for quality and artisan craftsmanship brings you the best of craft spirits. Today, we’re exploring the storied tradition of Heaven Hill Distillery, a beacon of bourbon excellence. As you savor each sip, remember that each bottle carries the heritage of American whiskey.

The Legacy of Heaven Hill Distillery

Founded shortly after the repeal of Prohibition in 1935, Heaven Hill has established itself as a cornerstone of the American bourbon industry. Through resilience and dedication, the distillery has not only survived the ups and downs of economic shifts but has thrived, becoming synonymous with quality and tradition in bourbon crafting.

Spotlight on Elijah Craig

Named after the reverend who many believe first charred oak barrels to make bourbon, Elijah Craig is a premium product of Heaven Hill. With robust notes of vanilla, caramel, and oak, our selection of Elijah Craig expressions at The Epicurean Trader offers a profound tasting experience that honors his innovative spirit. Explore our collection here.

Heaven Hill Bottled in Bond

The Bottled in Bond act of 1897 set the standard for high-quality bourbon. Heaven Hill's Bottled in Bond bourbons, available at our stores, exemplify this tradition with their 100-proof standard and rich, full-bodied flavor profile. These bourbons represent the pinnacle of the distillery’s craftsmanship and the strict guidelines that elevate their distinction.

Exploring Heaven Hill Bourbon Varieties

At The Epicurean Trader, we handpick a diverse array of Heaven Hill bourbons. From the smooth and approachable Larceny to the bold and aged expressions of Parker’s Heritage, each bourbon offers a unique story and flavor. Pair these spirits with our curated selection of artisan cheeses and charcuterie for an unmatched tasting journey.

Supporting Craft and Community

Our commitment at The Epicurean Trader is to support small-batch producers like Heaven Hill. By showcasing their authentic, traditionally crafted bourbons, we help preserve the craftsmanship that big-box retailers overlook. This dedication not only enriches our collection but also supports the communities these distilleries represent.

Awards and Recognition

Both The Epicurean Trader and Heaven Hill Distillery are celebrated for their excellence. We are proud to be recognized as the ‘Best Spirits Store in The SF Bay Area’ by SF Magazine, and we celebrate Heaven Hill’s numerous accolades in the spirits industry.

Visit Us

We invite you to visit our locations to explore our selection of Heaven Hill bourbons and more. 

Heaven Hill Distillery - Bottled-In-Bond 7yr Kentucky Bourbon (750ML)

Heaven Hill Distillery - 'Elijah Craig Barrel-Proof' Bourbon (750ML)

Heaven Hill Distillery - 'Elijah Craig Small Batch' Bourbon (750ML) 

Whether you're a bourbon aficionado or new to the world of craft spirits, our knowledgeable staff is eager to guide you through our offerings. Find your nearest store here, or shop our collections of craft spirits and giftware for the home online.


At The Epicurean Trader, each bottle of Heaven Hill bourbon is more than just a drink—it's a piece of American heritage and a testament to the craft of traditional bourbon making. Join us in celebrating this rich history by exploring our selection, either in-store or online, and discover the craftsmanship that makes Heaven Hill a legend in bourbon.

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