Absinthia - Absinthe Sample Collection (3CT)

Absinthia - Absinthe Sample Collection (3CT)

2oz bottles of each of Absinthia's absinthes in a gorgeous box with recipes!

Absinthia Absinthes are true to vintage Swiss recipes.

Crafted grape neutral spirit
Distilled botanicals
Absinthe's Holy Trinity: Artemisia Absinthium, Wormwood, Fennel, Anise

55% ABV or 110 proof.

Absinthe Blanche - Straight out of the still. We love sipping on this with ice cold water! Once distilled, absinthe is aromatic, brilliantly clear, & colorless. The anise causes the louche effect that turns the absinthe a milky white with a slight blue (blanche) or green (verte) haze when water is added. This is a wonderful Absinthe to sip on with ice cold water & in many classic cocktails.

Absinthe Verte - We start just like the blanche. After distilling, we soak the Absinthe in herbs (proprietary) to enhance the color & add even more fresh herbal flavor. Always organic, never artificially colored.

Absinthe Barrel Aged (reposado) - Our blanche has rested in rye barrels for four months to create this unique barrel aged Absinthe. Try this instead of Gin in cocktails such as Negronis, Bees Knees, & Bloody Marys!

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