Ardbeg Distillery - 25yr Islay Single Malt Scotch (750ML)


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A brilliant example of what twenty-five years in the wood does for premium Islay Single Malt.

In an age of Whisky start-ups, Ardbeg is refreshing blast from the past. They have been making Malt Whisky on the same site since 1798. The product was so popular that they ramped up production to commercial levels in 1815. That’s more than two-hundred years of Single Malt wonder. Like nearly all of her Islay sisters, Ardbeg is a peated dram. But Ardbeg is known for gentle smoky smoothness with the vast majority of production going into the world’s greatest Blended Scotches. But true Single Malt releases are in high demand and they consistently deliver.

The folks at Ardbeg call it "majestic" and it’s hard to disagree.

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