Ardbeg Distillery - 'Arrrrrrrdbeg - Comittee Release' Islay Single Malt Scotch (750ML)


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Since 2001, Ardbeg has released annual commemorative editions voted on by a coterie of the distillery's most loyal, appropriately dubbed the Ardbeg Committee. The most recent rendition released in 2021, the Arrrrrrrdbeg is the first committee release fully-matured in ex-Rye casks bottled to commemorate the departure of the wonderful Mickey Head as Distillery Manager. Here are the distillery's tasting notes: "NOSE Smoked banana & pear, hints of rye bread, sweet vanilla, the gentlest hint of aniseed and a suggestion of toffee TASTE: A spicy mouthfeel immediately leads into a burst of fruity flavors such as pear, melon, limes & bananas, followed by aniseed, smoked toffee and sourdough bread FINISH: Hints of brazil nuts, sea spray and the gentlest of smoke."

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