Balance Blends - 'Cramp Whisperer' Dietary Supplment (60CT)

Balance Blends - 'Cramp Whisperer' Dietary Supplment (60CT)

When severe menstrual cramps strike, it’s tempting to reach for every herbal medicine or natural pain reliever available. Fortunately, you only need one. Our concentrated formulas of Chinese Herbs and Herbal Extracts can bring healing and restore balance to your body.

Chinese herbs have been used for generations to restore balance to the mind and body. While many supplements contain one herb ground into powder, Extrapolents contain multiple concentrated extracts of the most powerful herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine, plus vitamins and amino acids for maximum health benefits.


- Stops menstrual pain
- Nourishes the blood
- Reduces spasms

Ingredients: Thiamine HCL (25mg), Angelica Root, Lovage Root, Corydalis Rhizome, White Peony Root, Motherwort, Peach Kernel, Safflower, Foxglove Root, Nut Grass, Vegetarian capsules, Non-GMO potato starch

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