Deerhammer Distilling Co - Pot Still Rye (750ML)


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Deerhammer set out to distill a uniquely Colorado rye whiskey in the Fall of 2016. We have thieved samples over the years, with batches varying in maturation from 2-4 years. Ultimately we landed on a selection of some of the most extraordinary barrels for our Pot Still Rye debut bottling. Ongoing, we will marry together our absolute favorite barrels into a singular annual small batch release.

This 2020 Deerhammer Pot Still Rye features a grain-bill comprised of 70% Colorado rye (San Luis Valley), 20% oats, 10% roasted barley.  It is 4 day open fermented and double pot distilled on our custom built ‘squat-head’ copper pot stills. Maturation occurs at 8,000ft in heavy toast, #2 char new oak barrels. 

Aroma: oatmeal raisin cookies, vanilla, cardamom, blueberry cobbler.
Flavor: caramel, dry coffee, cinnamon toast, caraway, pipe tobacco.
Finish: grilled bran muffin, cashews, alfalfa, cracked peppercorn.

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