Midleton Distillery - 'Midleton Very Rare: Dair Ghaelach - Kylebeg Wood' Irish Pot Still Whisky (750ML)


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Midleton Kylebeg Wood series.

This rich and subtly chocolatey pot still whiskey was finished in casks cut from a single native Irish oak – sourced from a managed forest in Country Laois. After felling, this venerable tree was shipped to Spain where it was cut and left to dry in the warm climate of Jerez. After fifteen months, the staves were coopered into hogsheads and sent back to Ireland to be filled with this unique spirit.

Tree No. 1 - 55.6% ABV
Tree No. 2 - 56.1% ABV
Tree No. 3 - 56.0% ABV
Tree No. 6 - 55.4% ABV

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