Pekut & Carwick Independent Bottlers - 'Bulk' Caribbean Rum (750ML)


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We bottled under the brand name BULK RUM because that's what it is - commodity rum that arrived in your hands from across oceans via bulk conveyances.

For a long time, the Caribbean rum industry relied heavily on commodity value streams. This means that distilleries shipped bulk tankers of rum to brokers and brand owners abroad, where value-added operations like aging, bottling, branding, and market premiumization happened outside the country of origin. As a consumer paying attention to where your dollar goes, this means that more of the money you pay for your bottle of imported Caribbean rum ends up outside the Caribbean.

Bulk Rum is a clear, pale gold blended rum (meaning it comes from both pot and column distillates), with a clean, medium intensity nose. It smells like sugar, light caramel, and the crust you get on the outside of a dense cake or plain donut. There's a hint of something we were tempted to call rancio (it ended up as "walnut" on the label because our monotype font appeared to say "rancid"). Generically, you could say it has just a hint of "funk" on the nose, but it’s a cognac funk, not a Jamaican rum funk. There are some fruity esters in here as well, somewhere near apricot and apple.

The palate is dry, medium intensity, and there's a mouthwarming build up in the mid palate to a "chewy" maltiness. This is from the single malt barrel we used to proof this bottling down (check out our Heritage bottling - same barrel). There are classic oak vanillin notes here too, probably from both the barrel aged components at the original distillery and from our barrels.

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