Willett Distillery - 'Wolves Batch 1' Blended Straight Rye (750ML)


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The Rye Project is a series of Rye expressions anchored by a very low-content (51%) rye whiskey aged for 6 years in new American oak. Starting from a place of sweet more than spice, and going from there. No barrel finishes, no gimmicks. Straightforward and balanced Rye collaborations in a low-rye format.

Volume One of the Rye Project is in collaboration with Willett Family Estate. Wolves and Willett Master Distiller Drew Kulsveen selected barrels of 7 and 6 year straight Rye whiskey with a 74% Rye mashbill from House A, South Rick 14, and House H, South Rick 6. Between the the 51% Rye and the Family Estate Rye barrels, balance was found in a Willett-dominant blend and at 103 proof for Batch1.

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